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Our Eva Toby Launch Book

Birmingham, Michigan. It was an evening filled with testimonials, motivation, inspiration, and purpose as our very own Eva Bukola Toby held a book launch event for her new book “The Purpose Factor” at the classy The Stand bistro. Eva has a passion for seeing people maximize their true potential. Therefore, this book takes you on journey aimed at personal development; and helps you discover your purpose in order to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. During pre-order the book was ranked among the Top 100 Amazon’s Best Seller List for its category and best new releases. The book is currently available exclusively on Amazon as a hard copy or Kindle version. During this launch period, a portion of book sales will go to the FoodClique, a Nigerian based non-profit organization whose mission to assure no child or family goes to bed hungry. Visit the following link to order your copy today: The Purpose Factor

About the Author: Eva Toby, B.A., MSW, MBA, is an author, presenter, and media personality. Eva is the creator/host of Xtended Expressions and also the Street Style series exclusively for Genevieve Magazine. With over ten years of experience as a presenter/spokesmodel for global brands that include Chrysler and General Motors, Eva has presented to millions of people over the years. Her extensive experiences in the fields of social work and business have awarded her opportunities to travel the world and encounter people from all walks of life. Eva is passionate about adding value to life of others and motivating people to maximize their potential.